Shadowrun Six World Beginner Box (6th Edition)

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Dive into role-playing in a dystopian future where mega corporations dominate a with this beginner box for the Shadowrun game.

"Regardless of the chosen path, they stand up and survive. They’re called shadwrunners, and they risk everything ... Wrestling magical energies, channeling them into power; Pitting their minds against the electronic void of the Matrix; Trading flesh and blood for chrome and steel to become more than human."


  • An Instant Guide to the Sixth World: A 4-page flash-primer on the Shadowrun world
  • Quick start rules: Fast rules that will have you in action quickly
  • Adventure: The Battle Royale slings you onto the mean streets of Seattle....better hold on!
  • 4 Character Dossiers: Details that'll allow up to four players to play with the help of the gamemaster
  • 55 Gear Cards: Making gameplay easier, providing game stats at your fingertips.
  • Poster: Maps for the adventure, as well as a look at the massive Seattle Metroplex.
  • Dice: And of course, handfuls of D6s